Видео уроки rnb для девушек

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19.02.2017 Donna Braddy

Good riding song nice and smooth! ! !

17.02.2017 Floyd Jones

Smooth lyrics.

16.02.2017 Paulo Victor Ennes Marinho

Sou brasileiro e me amarro nesse som!

14.02.2017 dcasondc

Love this song

13.02.2017 magnum fitzgerald

Women feel so pressured nowadays well theyve always felt it to rush into life sometimes it doesnt happen organically and it goes bad. One of the things i took from the song.

11.02.2017 Shaa Dgaf

This song is soooo catchy! I love it

08.02.2017 meranda white

This song touched my soul

06.02.2017 Sharonica Smallwood

Love this

03.02.2017 Xman Wavy

I love you song it is awsome

02.02.2017 Laquita Miller

Love this song!

30.01.2017 willie collins

He good i live his songs keep it up

27.01.2017 Asia Samuels

I m only and i b playing this in the shower

25.01.2017 Diana Chapa

I thought r b and soul was done for. But man this is just one of those artists that bring that nostalgic feeling i love this

24.01.2017 Germi Davis

He s the next big thing

23.01.2017 T-Room

This song snatched me up and thats why im here

21.01.2017 Janice Johnson

First time l heard this one i couldn t resist it had to get it. Yes a long song away. So true

18.01.2017 TheManda31

Yes! ! ! Finally real r b. . . Please keep it coming kevin ross. . . Because this is real r b

17.01.2017 caramel2l

People that don t know good musiq

15.01.2017 equilla nelms

Loving this! !

13.01.2017 Dorothy Allen

Awesome song. Loving it.

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