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05.03.2017 CanonUSA

Hello volum brumaru! The most current version of digital photo professional for the eos d is . . , and the update is available on our site at http www. Usa. Canon. Com cusa support professional professional cameras eos digital slr cameras eos d. If you need help, contact us at http bitly. Com contactcanon and our support team will make sure you are up and running!

03.03.2017 Ulrich Andri

Hello, i have a problem about dpp , i can t use the basic adjustment, it seems like it s unable. . . Is there any solutions that you can provide to me? Thank you.

02.03.2017 Ali L

I tried to increase the sharpness of the photo but once i either save as or convert save, those changes were not made. Why is that?

28.02.2017 Norman David

Unable to keep this open for more than minutes. Keeps crashing on the mac . . , gb of memory, . Ghz intel core i.

25.02.2017 Thomas Unwin

Hey, i just got a camera and i am trying to install digital photo professional, but when i open the install. Xml in the software folder it opens in internet expolrer raw xml and doesn t do anything. What am i doing something wrong?

22.02.2017 CanonUSA

Thomas unwin try running the program file instead. If you need help, our friendly support team can help at ok canon!

21.02.2017 Thalis Valle

The best thing i like in dpp . Is possible to load the picture style installed in the camera like cinestyle and marvel. Others software like lightroom and capture one does not load. This is the main good thing that dpp does. . Lens optimizer. The bad thind about dpp is that it is not a software more complete like lightroom or capture one. Maybe you guys canon could improve the software to be more complete like the ones mentioned above! ! ! It will be a miracle! ! ! Lots of people will migrate to dpp.

19.02.2017 GreatKeny

I hope dpp can automatically remind me there is an update version. Right now i have to go to canon website from time to time to check if there is an update. And what makes you guys think it s a good idea to ask users to type the sn number each time in order to download dpp? People may not have their cameras around when editing their photos.

16.02.2017 bejaHalik

Can i pick a few pictures and then make same changes to all, instead each individually ? If yes how to do that? Thanks


Hiii love the videos, they are very insightful. However, i have one minor issue. I am new to the photography world and i have just installed dpp and i was following your editing video for some tips. . . . . . . . . My only issue is nothing in my program works, like i don t have access to click on things not sure why this is happening. . . Is there a button i m suppose to click in order to be able to edit my photos? Thanks in advance

12.02.2017 Arif Rafie Amir Hamzah

Canonusa i can t seem to perform the basic image adjustment after choosing my photos from my sd card, could you pls tell me the prob?

09.02.2017 Never Stop Dreaming

Very very helpful. . . Thankz again. . . Does this have a time lapse editing?

08.02.2017 wendy parker

Nice tutorial. Been using dpp since day one and dpp is a great improvement. Because of college now need to master photoshop but to be honest when comparing side by side the images processed in dpp are much better. Just one question, is it possible to swap out the sky in dpp?

05.02.2017 Yimi Cruz

Thanks, useful and interesting, but the sea landscape is beautiful as original to me.

04.02.2017 The AKK Family

Hi. Is there a brush tool in dpp so you can make adjustments to exposure in certain areas? I. E. The eyes pop in a portrait? Like you can in lightroom.

01.02.2017 Ramón Casares

How can i compare the original raw file to the edited version on the before and after comparison once i have saved the changes i have made to a photo?

30.01.2017 Pauline Rumsey

A very useful tutorial, thank you.

28.01.2017 Shyanne Stevens

A useful tutorial but you can hear the spit in his mouth the whole time hes talking

26.01.2017 Andy Patrick

Does this software for for the powershot sx hs

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