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18.09.2017 Benjamin Garcia

Absolute beauty!

16.09.2017 Asci Goatse

Khabib brought me here

14.09.2017 Yernar Akzholov

Sambo is not only russian, it made by soviet union

11.09.2017 Nusrat Sharmin

I am here to learn some secret of khabib

09.09.2017 Jayson Sipriano

The best martial art

07.09.2017 JustOssetian

There is also sambo version for army and special forces, sad that they didn t tell about it, it s very effective against multiple opponents.

04.09.2017 Milind Bajracharya

Khabib! !

03.09.2017 n0v4 003

I wish i had someone to teach me these things i wanna beat my bullys asses

31.08.2017 ADRIS

O babushka!

30.08.2017 Fred Feng

In the technique, i think the enermy can destroy your balls in the final position

28.08.2017 Zander25332533


27.08.2017 Mansour Tchourtchaev

Khabib brought me here!

24.08.2017 Shadow Law Leader

I ll stick with the basic side kick. . . If i try any of that other stuff, i ll forget what i m doing! Lol

22.08.2017 I EAT PIZZA

That side kick is deadly no matter who is on the receiving end

19.08.2017 FK OF66

This style of fighting used to actually be a complete secret, and was only trained for people in the rgb . I dont think im spelling that correctly, and . The rgb is pretty much the russian fbi

18.08.2017 Nikita Dzuin


15.08.2017 TSM TaipeiChingChong

Sergei dragunov approves this video!

13.08.2017 LetMarkHandleIt

I mean, calf slicers are certainly legal in sambo, but you ll see arm bars and kimuras before you see one calf slicer victory. Weird that this is the move they pick, especially when the first thing people mention when you bring up sambo in grappling communities is ankle locks.

11.08.2017 Kai Cruz

Scissor takedown is banned in most judo tournaments.

09.08.2017 mg tu

Cambo no sambo! ! ! !

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