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21.02.2017 Rebecca Moore


19.02.2017 Jasson Garcia

What is the name of this song? I love her voice, and the song sounds really cool

18.02.2017 Dylan Buck

Hey guys, i m selling my copy of pro tools an introduction to pro tools on ebay at the moment for . Uk only, it only took me a few weeks to work through the book, very helpful. Http www. Ebay. Co. Uk itm ? Sspagename strk meselx it trksid p . M . L

17.02.2017 Uriah Duncan

How can i down lode pro tool

14.02.2017 wise waffle

You just saved me. Im in a pro tools class and the way the teacher explains doesnt make sense. He likes to tell us about his grammy he won like years ago. I make more progress watching your videos thanks

11.02.2017 Marvin Yancey

Do i need a monitor to use my mic.

09.02.2017 Matt Mccauley

Hey mate got a akai mini mk need to know how to use it with my pro tools first program. Also ableton has a way of placing certain instruments to certain keys and pads. . . Can i get any help cheers

06.02.2017 Ron Gillespie

I was really hoping to find a beginners tutorial for protools when i bumped into this video. Unfortunately it started off by jumping right into a premade section and talking about things that i have no idea about. Once i load the software and open it i would love to be able to make a click track and then record a couple guitar tracks and then insert a drum track or maybe from the very start and i don t know even the first thing or the first button to hit

05.02.2017 doc eamz

Protools is by far the best program to use for musicians!

02.02.2017 Jamis Billson

As an englishman, it s never nice to hear an aussie. Great video mate. Where s the barbie though?

01.02.2017 Captain Schmi

Hmmm. . . . Adobe audition does almost all of this stuff, without having to select specific settings to do so moving trimming tracks. . .

30.01.2017 Angry angel

Hi! Can i change the color of the interface and the color of the program. . How?

27.01.2017 mark sharp

I am doing a protools sound course for music mixing and more, i wish my teachers explained how to use pro tolls like jason explains and shows you, it would have been much easier. Great stuff mate i will learn more from these video s cheers.

25.01.2017 Kush I

This was brilliant.

24.01.2017 Ray Cooper

Thanks for posting this, very helpful.

21.01.2017 JminorCsharp

Track seemed to have segments in different colors what was on that track and why the different colors?

18.01.2017 Ray Cooper

Thanks for this, very helpful.

16.01.2017 Laura Kaye Music 8

Thank you so much! Absolutely perfect speed and amount of info to take in at once.

14.01.2017 Emma Jane

Does anyone know if pro tools works better with a mac versus a pc?

12.01.2017 Famous Productions TV

Nice vid

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