Видео уроки street dance бесплатно

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14.09.2017 Jamie Fox

Will you do more?

12.09.2017 Person

Haha i m years old in year we had to do this dance in front of our parents good times. . . .

10.09.2017 Shawn O'Dell Jr

Good dance lessons dancing is always good to do to keep your body in shape

07.09.2017 Rickyswoop

I m just learning to dance at . Learning a year olds dance routine is very humbling and good for the soul!

05.09.2017 Rhiannon Davies

Right how are you going to remember this? ?

04.09.2017 Danny Flood

Didn t enjoy this. Too much information being thrown out there, too little dancing.

02.09.2017 Bannanacheasecake MSP

I m and i can do it

01.09.2017 cineryna-TV

. . . . Thanks so much! . . . . . . . . . .

30.08.2017 Witty Gamer

I love this! Were the steps inspired by martial arts?

28.08.2017 KRUNCH

I try over and over again but i cant i am but i want to do this i want to be a street dancer but i never will be it would mean a lot if you replied

26.08.2017 Gowtham chitharthan

What s the name of the song you re dancing for. . ? ?

24.08.2017 Smart Brothers/ Noahkidsmart NM

I m and i m practicing this

23.08.2017 Eva Mason

Omg! My street dance teacher used this in my dance

21.08.2017 Steve Dixon

You dint go over it enoghth i cant fucking do this km never doing dance

18.08.2017 Ella Harvey-Older

If ur looking for a slower song to practice to, try shape of you by ed sheeran

17.08.2017 sadia adrees

I have to learn this for homework

15.08.2017 Emily Lester

I tried it it was so easy i do street dance and i am

14.08.2017 Yoonsuk Shin

This is so cringy. . . .

12.08.2017 Jeff The Killer

That awkward moment when you know how to dance, go to a dance school and have won a competition but it s summer and you have nothing to do so you learn a random choreography

10.08.2017 Dianne Apiata

Cool dance

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