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23.01.2017 Joseph8175

Do you write and they say it

21.01.2017 deadpooh

Can you animate limbs? . Or multiple people in one frame? . Just how in depth are the movement controls? Especialy the head. I know u wont be able to turn very far because the picture doesnt display the back of your head, . But can you control nodding?

20.01.2017 fireyblackdragon

Btw the audio sarted getting really unsynced at the end

18.01.2017 Mr Y

How do u get addon voice? Plz tell me

16.01.2017 Tro. Guer.

Crazy talk ist ein wirklich tolles programm, habe damit schon viele sprechende bilder hergestellt. Meine sprachdateien sind aber besser. Bei interesse produziere ich aus eurem text eine sprachdatei fr eure bilder. Schaut euch dazu meine website an.

14.01.2017 Milco Elías Challa

Vete ala mierda

12.01.2017 Milco Elías Challa

Vete ala mierda pollo de mierda no saves nada de videos tutoriales

11.01.2017 Ross Bradshaw

God i hate crazy talk st it cant work on netbooks bc of the damn resolution and nd bc u have download other programs it work

07.01.2017 Patroklos Alexander

This is what i was looking for thank you very much.

05.01.2017 قـبـيـلـة الـفـضـول


02.01.2017 Ian Funderburk

Reminds me of harry potter. Y know, talking pictures?

31.12.2016 Kip Ree

Cool. . .

29.12.2016 Taeef Najib

What if, one day, a dead grand father starts talking to u through this program! Scary eh? O o

28.12.2016 Argisht Nazaryan

Thanks nice video

27.12.2016 Gigor channel

Not well how to remove this one?

25.12.2016 Flippy Musa

Can get photo frame on museum and now get prank

24.12.2016 Dellaz187

One thing i dont understand why there is more face moods on version then the new , and i cant find or to download

21.12.2016 Callum Wombell

Don t suppose anyone knows how to get a hold of this software do they?

20.12.2016 BloodBathMlG

First comment in the future lol

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