Уроки тaнго видео скaчaть

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16.02.2017 Dmytro Kuzmin

You did great work, thanks

14.02.2017 zjlkatrina

Do you teach tango in houston?

13.02.2017 Utsuk Shrestha

Hello egris, i really admire the way you teach tango. Your videos are helpful, i have to yet count how many they are. Keep posting your videos. And thanks a big thank for these wonderful videos

11.02.2017 Edward Peño

What is the title of the music used in your video?

09.02.2017 EpicGirlyGamer XD

We dances this in school not too long ago. . . . . . . And i ll never do it again. . . .

08.02.2017 mun wah Looi

I love to dance tango!

06.02.2017 LOSEBTIMOS

Dude, right this moment you are my hero

04.02.2017 More Earl

Please do cha cha

01.02.2017 Evelyn Sanate

If may i ask what music did you play. . . . .

31.01.2017 HaveFaith Always

I wish it was a lot slower

28.01.2017 rongyanivan

Do u hv any friends?

27.01.2017 Aldo Aldana

What was the difference between q and s, when a slow is to close the legs it s pretty quick, i don t get that part.

24.01.2017 Nicholas Pollinzi

Cool freaky beans

23.01.2017 Egils Smagris

How to dance tango basic routine figures for beginners https youtu. Be ikl a zkhgy

21.01.2017 mufudzimaposa

Thank you so much for helping us out. . .

20.01.2017 cubtango

Of course you do realize that this has absolutely no relationship to actual argentine tango, right?

19.01.2017 Elizabeth Reeves

Wow man! I love this. . . Thanks for you help. I will keep practicing

17.01.2017 TheIxtlan

Let s tango.

15.01.2017 mystic veil

Thanks as usual

13.01.2017 Eric Ruiz

This sucks

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