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16.09.2017 Santigo Santiago

Que buena musica

14.09.2017 Royalist

Is there any dance tutorial about this dance

12.09.2017 Kareli Cristal Gomez Alonso

Dance dance! ! ! L love. . . Favorit

10.09.2017 Abdullah Choudhry

Can someone help me lose weight because i have a big family and i wanna be with the girls and fit in i am and i was thinking of starving my self i weigh pounds and height. Please someone help me i cry when i see people with their gf i really do please someone help me plssssssssss

08.09.2017 Oliver Moore

Like best song ever

07.09.2017 Andrew Monaco

Spot the difference

05.09.2017 Andrew Monaco

Spot the difference

03.09.2017 Andrew Monaco

Spot the difference

01.09.2017 Malaika Mahmood

This is the beat needed in music

30.08.2017 FUNNY VIDEOS WITH S !

Best music video ever ever

29.08.2017 Nicol Marie Hunkesová

I like this song. Like this song.

26.08.2017 Zuzu Spisa

So cool song and dance

24.08.2017 Beáta Kušnierová

Music ultra good music very good music very super ultra good music

21.08.2017 Boglárka Parti

The best song! ! ! !

19.08.2017 George Dravalias

So much talent in just one video clip

18.08.2017 S L

Who is that qute asiangirl ? Who we see dance first av all? In with a black dress edit haeni kim https www. Instagram. Com haenihaenihaeni? Hl sv

16.08.2017 unicorn girl

Dance dance dance! ! . . . . . . . Fav song

14.08.2017 32TheProdigy32

I m here from that chinese dating show xd

11.08.2017 Jamiec142

Love the fact they don t try and do sexy shots with lady parts the whole song, this is how a music video should be

08.08.2017 Fern Morgan

Like the comment

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