Кaк рaботaть в excel видеоурок онлaйн

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30.01.2017 abc 123

Put speed on .

28.01.2017 Fredrick Petro

Thanks alot

26.01.2017 RonaldoTX TX

Thank you. My deari would like to thank you very much. That is very usefulthank you

24.01.2017 Jack Salazar

Very clear tutorial! Love it! Thank you!

21.01.2017 Said Ajanane

? But in the corner right bottom it says or the calendar is wrong

20.01.2017 ozzy Oro

Great video keep up the good work

18.01.2017 *OldSoul*

So easy and clear, such a good tutorial, who is this guy, im a bit in love!

17.01.2017 Kylie Delaney

This is just what i ve been looking for. Thank you sean.

15.01.2017 Arshad Ali

Its amazing indeed

13.01.2017 Hopeful

I dont easily subscribe to youtubers, but you got me on this one

11.01.2017 Vijay Rawat

Thanks for sharing

09.01.2017 Isaias Mancina

Thank you for all your help. I really like how you break it all down

07.01.2017 Olanlee Andrews

Yea, i need to watch this every day

04.01.2017 Abel Antonio

Well done

02.01.2017 Kekkaishi52

No! . . . . I do not want to pause the video every minutes! ! ! !

01.01.2017 Dory Olson

I just want to say i am so grateful for this video. I just recently retired and the young people where i had worked for years would help me just get through some of the aspects of excel as some of the things we had to do were done on excel spreadsheets and sent to us. Even after they would show me i had no clue what happened just was happy they were there to help. By watching this video i was able to build my own template with formulas in certain cells and to my surprise they worked! . I even edited my template because after i had saved it i decided i wanted some additional information. I also did mo s of sheets as well. I am beyond excited that at my age i could actually do this! ! Thank you sean! ! I have partially watched some of the videos made by othersbut just couldn t find one that was for a true, non techy beginner until i came across your video. Thanks again! !

30.12.2016 Tony Clifton

Nice work thanks so much, you are a very good teacher.

28.12.2016 Nabil Amer

Thank you sean. You are great

25.12.2016 Tommy Wanderer

Ok people, is there vast amount of differences between and ? Because i currently learn on .

22.12.2016 Mohamed Abdikadir

This is what i call a real teacher. Many thanks to you for the time and energy.

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