Big muzzy английский видеоуроки для детей

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28.05.2017 Bren Abii

Es para un trabajo de ingles is for the work of english creo que lo traduci mal todas las oraciones estan en present continuos every senteces in present continuos

26.05.2017 Nordia Carter


24.05.2017 Bárbara Guimarães

I loved it! ! ! Thank you so much! ! I would like more videos like that, , do you have any suggestions?

22.05.2017 Barbara Miller

Very fun! Thank you!

20.05.2017 Moses Raj Ichoda

My favarite

19.05.2017 Shashidhar Devadiga

Its very nice and useful video. But may i how to download them for class room use?

17.05.2017 Gabriel Arias

Is so funy. Es muy gracioso

15.05.2017 Sombat Souphakhot

It is a great video for new learning english.

13.05.2017 soy luna lolirok musique zouk

C est bien mais je veux en franaisolah como estes o no

10.05.2017 Tonya Meadows

This was a great video that got us to laugh a little bit after trying to learn this concept in just a book and had gotten frustrated. Thanks for making it.

09.05.2017 Thfghggg Gjfgjvvv

So funny

06.05.2017 Zeynep Çiçek

Very good l am happy. Thank you very much.

04.05.2017 carlosgamer12

Porqueria porno

02.05.2017 Fun girl


30.04.2017 Tanguy RL

C de la merde

27.04.2017 Nicholas Holden


25.04.2017 vic geme

Thanks i will pass the exame because you help me to study

22.04.2017 Noa Geskes


21.04.2017 jeronimo echeverr

Like si hablas espaol xd

20.04.2017 Gisel Irie

Thank you so much for this video! You ve made such a great job!

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