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17.01.2017 Rick Burda

Can this do loop drawings? Say a pressure instrument out in the field, hitting a junction box, with a homerun cable to the computer room?

15.01.2017 marc Snyder

One of the main issues that i keep running into is that i cannot find a particular symbol and corresponding footprint in the catalog data. So when i use the reporting function to generate a b. O. M. Report, there isn t the correct data. That would be alright if i could edit the report and add cells with additional things in it but i can t. What do you recommend?

12.01.2017 Geerowar Indurjeet

Good day, thank you for your presentation. I shall appreciate if you could help me rescue reset my autocad student version, the problem is that the graphic tools display at the top of the screen disappeared while i was adjusting the metric scale setting. And i do not how to reset it. Thank you

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