Видео уроки хип хоп и рнб

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20.02.2017 lovely 11

I think she did a good job

17.02.2017 KendmakTheKpopTrash

Idk why everyone s complaining, she s lit asf

14.02.2017 Ric D

Hahahahahaha. . . . . . . . . . . . I m fucking crying from laughing so hard! ! ! ! !

12.02.2017 The Life Of 2k

Whiye golks get yo people straight

09.02.2017 Miss Tonya c007

Lard have mercy. . . Do you know what i like people with guts and she definitely has them for attempting this. She s doing better than some white people that i ve seen for sure to be honest comma i see a little bit of flava and some potential.

04.02.2017 Simon

It s like she s coming towards me

03.02.2017 Ronin Jack

Bobs burgers? ! ! ! ! ? !

01.02.2017 Angelcreame west

Lmaoo. . . . This shouldn t be allowed. Wrong on soo many levels.

30.01.2017 denike

What makes this worse is, am sure there are people that bought this for dance lessons back in the day!

29.01.2017 ucheucheuche

She s the david brent of hip hop

27.01.2017 uno swagos

I think i found a new condition called cringe

26.01.2017 Eowyn


25.01.2017 ten4r

Tosh. Web redemption

23.01.2017 4shizzlebizzle

I wish there was a laugh button! ! !

22.01.2017 RoyalScorp Draws

This was on bobs burgers

20.01.2017 kisha smith

What in the hell was that? I cannot. . . . This is foolishness

18.01.2017 ToKyOiSnOtJaPaN

This video but every time she says uh or ah it gets times faster

15.01.2017 2Slik 2Slik

I ve been doing it all wrong

14.01.2017 melannie 32

Who s womanz is this

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