Прич ски на новый год видео уроки

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31.03.2017 Seraphina P

I want to ski or board every single place they show in their videos. They are the luckiest people in the world to be able to do this as a job. Salomon freeski is the best for sharing their adventures with us

29.03.2017 yeskiii

Love. Absolutely love these, can t get enough!

27.03.2017 Ondřej Novák

One of the best freeski films i have ever seen! Y

24.03.2017 webster2c

We were drunk on a cocktail of stoke and adrenaline. Greatest line that truly captures the feeling of gliding down a mountain in chest high pow.

23.03.2017 Ali Smith

Does anyone know what make kaj zackrisson s ski jacket is? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Please

21.03.2017 Regan Kelly

Whats the song at ? ? ?

19.03.2017 ulrik Holm

Awesome! Just awesome! ! So perfect to see you guys, ski the same terrain, that us mortals are skiing! ! And at the same time having the time of your life! I really miss road tripping, when watching this! Perfect episode to shoot off, this season! ! Love u!

18.03.2017 Uncle Mac

What is the trick that henrik does at ?

16.03.2017 Charles Fryer

Awesome video. . . Other than a go pro for some of the shots what else was used for filming?

15.03.2017 Alexander Horst

What is the intro song that is on all the episodes? ? ? ?

14.03.2017 Mark Robinson

Whats the name of the intro song?

12.03.2017 Brant Peterson

Love it, this is great

11.03.2017 northernangel8

I stumbled on to your channel and love this video. Life is short so enjoy the ski bum life.

09.03.2017 AlpineAddict

Love this, visiting the smaller, lesser known resorts and giving them the attention most of them truly deserve!

08.03.2017 Hugo Stiglitz

Love the work! I d really like to see some behind the scenes stuff! If you ve get some spare footage, it would be lovely to share it with us d

06.03.2017 spikes252

Love watching these vids, they just keep me smiling the whole way through, gettin me stoked on the ski season

04.03.2017 John Sicoli

Salomonfreeskitvdo you know what the white handle looking device on two of the guys backpack strap is? Thank you.

01.03.2017 Alexandre GUIRAUTON

How get happy? Trip with friends and powder, what else?

27.02.2017 pino scarpuzzedda

Argentera top powder grandiiiiiiiiii

25.02.2017 Max Sudhoff

Hey guys, i know you heard it probably a thousand times, but your vids are just fun to watch and im so stoked to get back on the mountains soon! Thanks for doin this great work for the freeride communtiy!

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