Metallica nothing else matter видео урок

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18.09.2017 Torrino

Where is part ?

17.09.2017 Mátyás Németh

Youre awesome! Thanks for the help

14.09.2017 Dark Life

What s the tuning for this

12.09.2017 jamminjulie

Great job. Love the way you teach.

10.09.2017 Sean Harvey

Thank you so much for this marty, i can get through this tutorial albeit haltingly, you ve made it so easy to follow and understand, thank you

08.09.2017 R. Castillo

Part please!

06.09.2017 Timothy

Great to see marty recover this!

03.09.2017 Christina Sanchez

Mna this would be so much easier with a tab sheet to understand when what comes after its hard to just look and memorize x. X

01.09.2017 Catherine

Part ?

30.08.2017 Troy Hill

You play so dang good dude

28.08.2017 Farzad Chaudhury

Marty. But, really waiting on part . I am so close to completely nailing this song

26.08.2017 Kool-Aid DaThugg

For a beginner is this possible to learn? Like is it too hard for a beginner? Just need some motivation! I really love this song and i wanna learn it!

24.08.2017 Tijana Doroški

Great lesson! Waiting for part d

22.08.2017 Luke Green

Thank you marty to me ye up there with rock legends. You teach me so much

20.08.2017 Jim Tsim

Part please

18.08.2017 Lolle man

Where is part ? ? ? ?

16.08.2017 mike alves

I m fucking heated dude that s impossible for my fucking fingers fuck dude

13.08.2017 Bastiboy

Wasnt able to play the intro though

10.08.2017 blaxk mamba

Marty can you do unforgiven acoustic?

08.08.2017 Marty Music

Free hd course when you sign my newsletter here http www. Martymusic. Com

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