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24.02.2017 easystylishvids

Can anyone tell me which gharana is this? ? ? ? ?

22.02.2017 Persefone Rest In Peace

You amazed me u im will be starting tomorrow and i will record myself to see what im doing. . . Wish me luck!

19.02.2017 Amelia m.h

Maravilloso! ! ! Practicar da a da muchas gracias por los lindos videos.

17.02.2017 justme55ism

Beautiful explanation. We aren t merely following the steps blindly, but add a story and meaning, making the entire dance more genuine and from the heart. They are no longer confined to mere steps, but a form of message to those around.

16.02.2017 Smriti Sharma

Wonderful, thank you for sharing

14.02.2017 Bushra Waqas

Beautifull. . . I m frm pakistan. I want to learn kathak so badly. .

12.02.2017 Vivek Dhanuka

Namaste mam! Mam, is their any compulsion that first you have to move your right leg while starting namaskar? It is because i am leftiee so i find it very difficult. Srishti

11.02.2017 Satish Kumar

Nice video mam

08.02.2017 Anwesh Kumar Sahoo

I d always been looking for videos online to learn kathak, i m so glad i stumbled upon this. I love how you explain the significance of every step, posture, mudra. I ll be keeping up with all videos. Thanks so much for this ma am.

05.02.2017 Shailendra Bhawsar

Namskar mem pranam aap ka samjane ka tarika bahot acha he pranam

02.02.2017 Gigi Lubov

I bought you dvd and i am very glad i have found you here

31.01.2017 Saloni Desai

I have just subscribed your channel ma am! ! I am very much eager and passionate for this dance tutorials! ! Is the subscribing enough? Or i need to do anything more to completely learn this dance form at my pace?

29.01.2017 Sheba Gopal

Just wow!

27.01.2017 Aditi Mahabir

Which gharana do you teach?

24.01.2017 Bhoomika Gupta

Ma am thank you for sharing these videos online. As a kid i learned kathak from jaipur gharana for two years but wasn t allowed to continue. I recently found these videos online and have started practicing again. Thanks again for sharing.

22.01.2017 Jyoti Khanna

U made us enter in the world of kathak

19.01.2017 Mahima Khurana

Ma m i m a ca student and i only get months vacation, i thought of doing something productive and as i love dancing since my childhood although i m very bad dancer, but still to fulfill my desire which i had since when i was in class th to learn kathak, i started watching your videos as there is no kathak classes available in my city and i hope it ll prove helpful to me

17.01.2017 Rose Petal

First, i thought it was complicated and that i won t be able to do it but it is actually beautiful and simple. I practiced and now i am able to do it with confidence.

16.01.2017 Subhangi Kasture

The way you explain is really awesome, you are my first teacher tysm for your entire team mam. . . Namaskar

13.01.2017 Swapnil Jaiswal

Namaskar mam, its really great to learn such a beautiful dance form right from home. . And the way u explained the syllable is just wow. . . I m from a place where learning such dance form is not possible because of inavailability of classes. . . I m really very thankful and will surely try to imbibe as much as possible. . . I always wanted to learn a specific dance form and when its kathak, then just cannot eplain. . Thanku so much mam for ur classes. . I ll practice them all. . Thanks a lot. . .

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