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01.04.2017 Bombo Klád

Now fuck your homework d

30.03.2017 Chen Gong

No fuck your homework lmfao

29.03.2017 Deividas Simas

Hey seamless, wanna share the drumpack you were using in this video?

27.03.2017 Nihilist9202

Can i ask why u made nd parametric eq and chorus in the bass patches plz? Thanks bro you rock

26.03.2017 Devilix

My nose started bleeding from that distortion. Thumbs up and thanks for sharing!

23.03.2017 Dumbpublic Hater

The track is some serious neuro fever. Can i buy it somewhere? It is awesome to see it being built from the very beginning. As for the bass it is interesting how you actually spent less time within the synth and most of the modulations are done in the chain of effects that follows.

21.03.2017 Magnus Hegdahl

Dnb den norske bank bank of norway

20.03.2017 Seiner

Https soundcloud. Com user ignorance is bliss to a hopeless eye

18.03.2017 Alison Rosas

No tengo el presets defaut pasamelo

15.03.2017 Alexey Revin

Hi, tell me where can i download a drum kit and a package of drum samples in your video.

13.03.2017 young sandwich

I really dislike poppy snares. . .

10.03.2017 Евгений Волков

Hi where to get default ?

08.03.2017 Alexey Stolovoy

Cool sound

06.03.2017 Alexey Stolovoy

Massive wavetable

04.03.2017 Art'uro TM

Eargasm at

01.03.2017 Silence In Suburbia

You look like jonathan davis from korn

28.02.2017 Denavio Leeks

Your name sounds really familiar.

26.02.2017 Master Ascendant

Anybody have any advice for creating tracks like this on ios ipad? Thanks for the videos seamless!

25.02.2017 Ben McCaulley

I love that he selects samples like i do. . . Click wildly and randomly

22.02.2017 Yung Kai

Man dis is osom

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