Бесплатно видео уроки оригами

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21.02.2017 Mine Hoper

Не понятно!

19.02.2017 ardian muça

What size should be the sheet?

17.02.2017 SuperAwesome Cake

Omg i did it

15.02.2017 Yobani Herrera

Es mejor que todos los shirukens

14.02.2017 Camille C

I tryed makeing it and it failed

11.02.2017 CojA Playz

Its not origami if you cut it. . . But nice i like it d

10.02.2017 Emir Emiroğlu

Oh i can t origami with this music!

08.02.2017 Vaishali Jagtap Rex

I strugled for it and then i made it

07.02.2017 Gábor Koltai

Nice star, big like

05.02.2017 Sam Johnson

Wow. . . So cool. . . . . Trying it now! ! ! ! !

03.02.2017 Legallant Marie Guillemette


01.02.2017 Edwin Leong

U suuuuuucccccckkk

30.01.2017 Scorpion King

I like it

27.01.2017 Mari Carrington

Omg thank you! ! ! I saw this on pinterest and it made no sense, thank you for making this video you won yourself a like

25.01.2017 Moody Spin


22.01.2017 Andercrack7

Malisimo videoooooo

19.01.2017 Fearghas Bennett

I hate this. It does not work dude

18.01.2017 Jayanti Leslie-Iyer

Was confusing. I don t have double sided paper

16.01.2017 Gummybear

I did this at school

13.01.2017 Emma Tran

It s actually a ninga star

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