Фламенко видео уроки на гитаре

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22.02.2017 ruwan indika

Thank you

19.02.2017 Roy Bainton

Great. Been playing bits of blues and rock for years but flamenco blows it all sideways, and this gives you a real feel of the tradition.

18.02.2017 Timothy Atwater

I love you! Gypsy kings secrets unravelled!

16.02.2017 Vashlovetool

Awsome lessons, gwould appreciate if you can post more spanish guitar lessons. Cheers

14.02.2017 chaaouri seif

Thankxxx man y ! That was really helpfull

12.02.2017 Sophie Bless

Like it thx

11.02.2017 Guitar God Secrets

For some reason it reminded me of van halen s little guitars. Awesome tutorial, makes flamenco seems less intimidating

09.02.2017 Fred Westra

Wow. Great lesson! ! ! How easy to get that real flamenco sound. Thank you.

08.02.2017 Владислав Сытник

Thank u a lot! These are the most gorgeous chords on the planet!

06.02.2017 Reverb Twang

Flat ftw m m

04.02.2017 keke jazz

Hola, si pudieses esplicar en espaol seria muy facil tus muy buenas clases. Un saludo

02.02.2017 psychkoala

These little tips are quite helpful. Thanks!

31.01.2017 Kh4zy

I cant play that awesome flamingo f! Damnit! My middle finger cant just go so much to the right to the fret!

29.01.2017 Joachim Edras


27.01.2017 GMoorefan115

Many thanks to you as this just kinda turned the light bulb on in figuring out some progressions on my own. And your pt lesson on soloing did the same. Cheers and a sincere thank you! !

25.01.2017 Joann Wahabi

Enjoyed your lesson!

22.01.2017 Jordan Iasenza

Mysterious chord is fmaj

21.01.2017 Stephen Strydom

I love your lessons! Will buy your course soon

18.01.2017 Midi Man

Thanks for sharing. . Really nice,

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